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  • Bath bomb sleeve
  • Clear labels to customise
  • Making bath bombs
  • writing on labels
  • filling bath bomb moulds
  • finished bath bomb

Round Lavender Bath Bomb KIT. Makes 4


Quick Overview

Comes in a bag and a cardboard sleeeve.

Fun & easy to do. Makes enough for you and plenty to give to your friends!

Product Description

Fun and easy to make 4  lavender bath bombs.

This kit contains:

Sodium bicarbonate;  Citric acid; Lavender petals;  bio-degradable gift bags, ribbon,  small labels; 1 semi-circle mould.

How to make them:

Follow the easy instructions. You then fill the mould tight, then tap it out - like making mini sandcastles - then make another one!

Leave them to harden over night is best, though they are touch dry in a couple of hours.

Pop them in the gift bags that are provided, customise the labels then give to friends - a gift within a gift!

You will need 1 bowl, 1 spoon and some kitchen vegetable oil.

NB: THIS kit has 1 semi-circle mould.