Here are some of our customer's comments and reviews – thank you to all of you who've contacted us, we really appreciate your comments and feed back.

Lip balms:

Jason from Basingstoke emailed us to say:

Just a quick email to let you know how happy we are with the lip balm we purchased.

As you know we ordered this as a Christmas present for our 7 year old daughter - She loved it!!, so much so that she made it on Christmas day, I must say it was very easy to make and she really enjoyed being involved, also the quality of the ingredients were excellent. She then proceeded to give them to her Grandparents and Mummy, keeping one pot for herself, I apparently don’t need lip balm?

I am extremely impressed with the whole process and your excellent response to such a small value order, with this kind of customer service your business will go from strength to strength. Thank you again for all your help and we will be ordering again and letting our all our friends know about your products.’


You lip balm kits were so wonderfully received this Christmas, thank you. Willa (age 11) adored hers and her friends were clamouring to know where she had got it as she made each of them their own pot.  - Rosie M.

Congratulations on a great website & amazing products. My daughter was given a lipbalm kit for her 5th birthday and we made it a few days ago... with brilliant results. I was so impressed with it that I googled homemade company and will order more!  - Josie, London

I bought 4 of your lip balm kits as Christmas gifts for godchildren - they went down a storm - it went down so well with one that by 10:00am on Christmas day lip balm was made (with Dad!), wrapped and ready to give to a friend.      Excellent packaging, easy instructions and works too...I hope someone buys me one! Fern HP

Jenny from Devon - I was given a kit for my 18th and I made them straight away! I love them and I now have 1 lipbalm in every jacket pocket!

Madie emailed to say: I loved your lip balm kit that makes 4 sweet lip balms! I made them and it was SO easy and nothing went wrong! The instructions were clear and I am going to give 3 of them to my relatives and friends! I loved gift wrapping them and the labels were brilliant! Also it was so quick so set so there wasn’t any waiting around for too long. I am going to do it again.


My daughter opened her presents this morning and loved the "Homemade" lip balm...perfect for her girls sleepover this weekend.  I liked the handwritten note ...thought it made all the difference and puzzled her ....took her a mo to realise it wasn’t my handwriting ...  I will pass on "Homemade with highly recommended. Susan

Beautifully packaged.  Caroline

Bath bombs:

How clever, all your stuff is perfect for my little niece. Harriet from Devon

My order received with thanks.  Very prompt. Great!
New Years wishes Susan.

Thank you for your very prompt reply and I shall get a cheque sent off to you over the next few days with my order for the bath bombs. (yes we take cheques if you like)

Gardeners Hand Balm:

I received the order this morning. I love the little hessian bags for the hand cream & I will put the gift bags on my compost heap! Jane

Your website scores lots of gold stars from me - clear and easy to use, excellent speed of response to queries, good link to Paypal without glitches - and not many in the Big League can achieve that ! Rosemary S


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