We're building up for the Rugby Portobello Christmas Fair (RPT) - so all week we've been making things to sell with the kids at RPT.

First off was bags of glittery fir cones and seed heads - We've gone wild with the colours and the glitter and a lot of fun was had!

NB - put them to dry on plastic - or hang them up - or else the paint sticks to the paper...



Then with a few of the teenage girls we made some lovely smelling Lavender bath salts, which is super easy just mixing together sea salt, lavender essential oil and lavender petals.

bath salts

They packaged them beautifully - with ribbons and labels - and now great to sell!

The fair will raise money for RPT to continue it's amazing work in the community - supporting those in North Kensington who were so affected by the terrible events of June this year with Grenfell Tower tragedy.

If you can't make the fair - please donate to RPT via it's website: