Foraging & Making day


Crystallising edible flowers is great fun & very easy once you get the knack of it. Always make a few more than you’ll need as some will not make it. I’ll post a separate blog with the instructions for making these.


Primroses 1 Primroses 2

Primroses 3 Primrose 4


Wild garlic

I’ve already done a blog on my wild garlic pesto recipe – (in Sof Says, under Edible Recipes - April 2014) we used that recipe.

Here some pictures of us collecting the garlic & making the pesto. The pesto was incredibly hot this year, maybe because we used very young leaves, before the flowers had come out. Definitely no garlic cloves needed!


wild garlic 1wild garlic 2

wild garlic 3wild garlic 4

wild garlic 5


Nettle Soup

Please see my separate blog on nettle soup, (in Sof Says, under Edible Recipes) there you can find the recipe we used. I was very impressed that all the girls tucked in to the soup & loved it, we were enjoying it so much that I forgot to take a picture of the soup!


nettle 1nettle 2nettle 3


All in all it was a great day. If you’d like me to arrange a foraging day for you and a group of friends, please get in touch, sometimes I can come to your area, or I can let you know when my next ones will be.


Final pic