Look at this mini clip - & here are the stages:


  1. All dry ingredients in a bowl - seive if needed - 1 part citric acid  to 3 parts sodium bicarb
  2. Add the pink mica powder - just half a teaspoon
  3. add the sunflower oil - 20-25 ml only
  4. add the essential oil drops - optional for nice smell- 5 drops
  5. mix & mix & mix really well!
  6. it should stick to the side of the bowl
  7. break mix up again & spoon into your molds - press in firmly
  8. Tap out on to paper - the paper absorbs some of the oil so the bbomb can dry
  9. repeat again till all done
  10. leave to harden overnight


package for gift - or pop straight in bath & watch it FIZZZZZZZ!!