I have been uploading pictures of all our wonderful lipbalms on to our new website, and I now realise I am not a computer person - 'let me make something' I plead.

So I have downed tools and retreated to the kitchen to make delicious 'Blackberry and Apple Jam'.

My recipe couldn't be easier - it's basically half the amount of sugar to fruit.

So we had 4 lbs of fruit and 2 lbs of sugar, boiled it all together for 10 minutes, and now we have 8 pots of delicious jam all for the price of 1 bag of sugar.

We gathered just over 3lbs of blackberries, which is 1 large bowl full, and added 1lb of windfall apples (weighed after we'd peeled and cored them).

If you want more detail my recipe is on our website, under Edible Recipes.

Autumn windfalls & blackberries & sugar

apples . ... blackberries  .


boiling jam  ..  .finished jam  

    Boiling blackberry jam & the finished jam