Phew – we’ve done it!  We have just sent out our last postage bag of boxes from last minute orders, so celebrations all round!  We were taken by surprise by the amazing response to Daisy Bridgewaters’ article in The Telegraph magazine  and to Susie Forbes  editorial at Easy Living magazine. Huge thanks to them both and to all of you who bought our kits. 

And thank you to everyone that was patient with us (and with Royal Mail – since when did 6 day delivery count as First class post?…) We have definitely had a huge learning curve about various aspects of post & packing, how much (bio!) bubble wrap to use, which couriers to use and which to avoid at all costs (Afraid ‘My Hermes’ is in the latter camp, but a big thumbs up for Interlink & Point to Point).

Best of all has been getting some great feedback from some of our customers about what has worked, what has gone wrong and what you love! Thank you.

All that remains is to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

post 4 large mail bags and a few of our parcels sent out daily in December!