The one thing that has kept my skin going through the winter – with the punishing dry cold, followed by overheated homes is calendula. Calendula is what you look for in the ingredient list in creams – its Latin name - but we all know it as Marigold.

I’ve made a wonderful hand balm with calendula oil, incredibly easy: just beeswax, cocoa butter, olive oil and calendula oil with a few drops of lavender essential oil for a summer smell –as well as great antibacterial action.

You can make your own calendula oil by soaking marigold flowers in sunflower oil – so bear this in mind for Spring , especially as marigold is so easy to grow.

Yesterday my hands were covered in bramble scratches as I wrestled with our overgrown garden, so I’ve been putting my Gardeners hand balm to good use – and I think the calendula really does work as the scratches seem better and the cocoa butter has moisturised my v dry hands.

Now I just need something for my nails!