Last weekend – just in the nick of time we gathered elderberries and made elderberry syrup.

Elderberries are at their best from mid to late September, depending  on where you are in the country, we left it till October 4th and were just ok.

We collected a basket and a half of perfectly ripe glossy berries, each ‘head’ of berries so heavy that the open saucer-shaped elder flower that used to show its face to the skies now hangs down.


Making elderberry syrup is fast becoming an autumn tradition in our family – my daughter loves the sharp but sweet taste of the syrup that she sips all through the winter.

Elderberries are full of the classic anti-oxidants, vitamins A, B & C, as well as iron, calcium & potassium. Taking a couple of teaspoons neat daily will help boost your immune system and ward off colds.  Or it can be diluted and used as you would a cordial.

See under 'Make your own...' for the full recipe.