I seem to be in Fair season - first it was the Packaging fair at Excell, then last week it was the Craft fair at Olympia and this week I have a stall at the Country Living Fair in Islington.
I went to the Craft fair to see what was on offer – and was genuinely amazed by how much there was, from lamps with magnifying glasses  to someone covering a large 4ft high papier-mâché elephant with coloured paper squares. I promptly bought all I needed to do my own elephant!

The Country Living fair is a different experience as I am selling my Homemade Kits, but in both fairs the one constant was the sheer number of people, or, more precisely, women. Everyone was with someone - friend, sister, mother and the general hub-bub of noise and chat was incredible, discussing everything and anything.  It was a day out, a chance to see a friend, find out more about what you’re interested in and maybe buy something.

One lady I spoke to was with her 80 year old mother, gamely seeing what was new. Many women don’t have a formal work community, but we find ways to create our own communities, which is so important to our general well being.  Fairs, hobbies, charities, the WI – all involve a meeting, a catch-up and the sense of being part of something. 

I was discussing this with my husband and he no more understands this than being able to walk on the moon - 'I'd never go with anyone to buy anything' - I tried to explain that it was more than just a 'shopping trip', but he had switched off and was off to the pub to meet a friend...

Anyway come and see us at the Fair - we're there till Sunday, stand G14. There are loads of ideas to inspire you for things to do this Spring