Marrow Chutney pickle.

Makes about 4 litres of chutney , about 10 – 12 jars of different sizes, so plenty to give as presents with pretty labels.

This is perfect to use up the glut of overgrown courgettes at this time of year.

I’ve left out raisins as I don’t like them in chutney, but have added more sugar and apples to get the required sweetness.

The ginger and chili give it a hotness which you can increase or decrease depending on your taste, the red of the chilli gives a lovely bright speckle.

De-seed the marrows with a spoon then when cut into slices you get pretty semi-circle shapes, likewise with the onion I like it sliced into very thin onion rings with a cut in.

I call it ‘chutney pickle’ as it is more vinegary & hot than what I think of as a standard chutney!



2.5kg of peeled & seeded marrows – this is about 3 -4 large ones – weighed after peeling & de-seeding.  Chop into 1 cm slices .

1 litre vinegar – white, malt, cider or wine vinegar.

300 g brown sugar or demerara sugar – the darker the sugar the more golden your chutney will look.

4 large cooking apples – peeled, cored & chopped into chunks.

2 large onions  - thinly sliced.

3cm  piece of ginger – finely chopped or grated

2 tablespoons of mustard seeds

1 ½ tablespoons of salt

1 teaspoon of  chopped red chili – fresh or dried

Clean sterilised jars – about 11 of various sizes.



Salting the marrow – this is to remove some of the liquid from them, I don’t do this as I just want to crack on, but up to you! (if you do, then sprinkle salt over the marrow pieces, leave in a colander , over a bowl & weighted down with a bowl, leave for 3 hours then rinse & drain.) My chutney probably had a little more liquid than I wanted which I just left out when I put them in the jars.

Even with no salting the marrow does not go all mushy, it retains a good crunch.


  1. 1. Put all the ingredients into a large pan.
  2. 2. Slowly bring to a boil – uncovered, stirring occasionally.
  3. 3. Turn down heat & leave to simmer uncovered for about 30mins – or until it is cooked and thick.
  4. 4. Leave for 5 mins to settle – and so not too hot to handle – and ladle into the jars.
  5. 5. Wipe up spills, add lids & lable.
  6. 6. The flavour develops the longer you leave it, I’d say leave at least a few  weeks before using. Due to the sugar and the vinegar they will last for a couple of years.