Something fun & easy  to make  for Mothers Day.

Want to treat your mum to a beautiful jar of bath salts? But they’re too expensive in the shops? Well here’s how to make your own.

They are so easy to make, especially if you keep it simple.

Find an old clean jar – a jam jar will do, but if you can find an old kilner jar or something more interesting  then all the better.

You’ll need sea salt – this is the main ingredient. Sea salt contains beneficial minerals and trace elements as well as being a natural antiseptic.

The salt can be fine or granular, personally I prefer fine as it dissolves easier.

Now for the  smell – I always use an essential oil. My favourites are lavender or rose, these can be bought from health shops , but watch out rose oil is not cheap.

Both these oils are good for soothing, calming and relaxation. Essential oil is totally natural and comes straight from the plant so it is very strong and a little goes a long way. Never put them direct on your skin as some oils can sting.

Extra touch –I think it is nice to add some dried flowers to the bath salts as it looks special, but not to worry if you don’t have any.


Measure out how much salt you’ll need to fill your jar and pour this into a bowl. Add about 10 drops of your essential oil depending on how big the jar is. Mix it all in well, and add the dried flowers if you have them, then spoon it back in to the jar.

Add a pretty ribbon and label - That’s it!

 Now let your mum switch off and soak in a relaxing bath.