Today I thought I’d write about what I’ve been doing to build my company and what goes in to starting up a company from scratch.

One of the things I have had to get my head around is all the aspects of packaging - so with that in mind yesterday I went to Propac packaging fair at Excell in East London – yes such fairs do exist.

The organisers tempt you in as it is next to a huge trade food fair – but I think that just highlights that there are only so many packing machines you can look at. These vast silver beasts can do every imaginable thing from filling, packing, sealing  and labelling, you name it they do it.  

Luckily there were also stands there who didn’t scoff at my request for a few thousand of something rather than tens of thousand. The wonderful Qualvis from Leicestershire was there - who make the boxes for my lip balms.

I also learnt a new word – ‘co-packer’  - they can pack anything, which fills me with excitement at the thought of someone else packing my kits for me and I won’t need to hot foot it off to China!