Its been a busy few weeks – last week I handed in the manuscript for my book to the publishers, rather felt as if I was back at school and had left all my homework till the last minute. Do we ever change?

Then just as I thought I’d have a little r&r – this week I was flat out doing the pictures for the book.

Luckily I had my nimble fingered daughter and her friend helping prepare all sorts of fun goodies - from crystallised roses, orange pomanders and ginger chocs. (which I’m now about to tuck into)

making chocs

As the weather these last few days has been far from clement – it was quite a challenge making a sunny, summer ‘alfresco’ lunch picture - here’s Jack going above and beyond the call of duty. But there again with the summers we’ve had recently maybe the photo will be bang on? Note Molly really not helping – all she wanted was Jack to throw the ball…!


After much deliberation we think something like this will be the cover shot – obvs photographed properly by Jack, not just my rough phone pic.

It shows some of the different things you can harvest and make at home – there’s dried chamomile,  hawthorn berries, lipbalms (in the little pots); body scrubs and of course a heart bath bomb. Most of the recipes for making these things are here on my blog.

book cover


Still debating the title – will we ever get one? I love ‘from Hedgerow to Home’ – but apparently Americans don’t use ‘hedgerow’  - so that’s out. (It’s an American publisher too)

Possible contenders are ‘Homemade Health’ or ‘Naturally Healthy’ or ‘Treat yourself Natural’…. Any ideas welcome…….

Basically it’s a Seasonal guide to what you can more or less forage from nature to use for your health; and then there are lots of recipes to make easy things – all in keeping with the time of year.

So there’s roses and chamomile in the summer, dandelions and nettles in the spring ; and loads of berries in the Autumn. Winter is more of a challenge, but I use evergreen herbs  like rosemary and I also raid the kitchen spice rack, using cloves, garlic and ginger.

I’ve kept it as easy as possible, I’m not one for complicated recipes, you want something that’s fun to make, you get a great result you’re proud of and it doesn’t take for ever.

Hope you'll love it when it comes out in the Autumn.