Wild Garlic or Ramsons are normally a  welcome sight after months of cold, bare ground, as this hardy plant normally pops up in March; but this year I only first saw it on Exmoor in mid April. And it is still going strong now, with the little white flowers only just starting to come out - depending on where you are in Britain. Once the flowers are out the leaves are not so flavoursome, but you can still use them if you haven’t had a chance to pick them before.

wild garlic in April Here it is just coming out in April.

It’s the leaves you want to pick for their taste of mild garlic – it’s no surprise that it is related to Chives. You can eat the leaves raw torn up in a salad, sautéed in butter or I just pop them in boiling water for 1 minute and eat them like spinach.

You’ll find them in deciduous woods or on road banks under deciduous hedges and trees, generally not in full sun. Wild garlic will appear before the trees' canopy of leaves are out. Make sure you know what you’re picking, just crush the leaves to check for the garlic smell.