So excited today that 'zinc and colds' is at last getting the recognition it deserves.

I first wrote about using zinc lozenges to reduce the length of a cold way back in September 2009 in my weekly column in ‘The Lady’ magazine.

It was based on research done at Wayne State University in Detroit which showed that zinc lozenges can reduce the duration of an average 7 day cold to 4 days. The zinc needed to be taken as soon as the cold started and stopped when it goes, the study confirmed what many natural health fans and nutritionists knew already.

Today’s study is a review of all recent research undertaken about zinc & colds – covering over 1,000 people and it comes out in favour of using zinc to reduce the length of a cold. Though there is a warning on using zinc in nasal sprays as smell loss may occur.

Zinc is crucial in most aspects of the immune system and is considered a great anti-viral and anti-inflammatory. As an aside - zinc in your diet (think oysters) or as a supplement is great for spotty skin.