The Homemade Company wants to bring back the simplicity, joy and sheer fun of making things at home, things that are made with love and full of goodness.

We like to keep things as simple as possible, so we steer clear of synthetic fragrances and hormone mimicking ingredients like parabens.This is because through our skin our bodies can absorb much of what we put on it, both the good & the not-so-good.

We like to use ingredients that add something nice to your skin like omegas or vitamins and minerals, which many natural products contain. To find out more about our ingredients, click on this link About Ingredients.

For ideas and recipes to make your own at home check out Sofs blog - Sof Says 

Why no petroleum?

Petroleum jelly or oil is the by-product of the oil & petrol industry and is used in many skin products because it’s easy to control its consistency and it’s cheap.

We don’t like it for 2 reasons – firstly it just sits on the skin forming a barrier that makes it hard for skin to ‘breathe’ and for it to do its job of expelling toxins and creating its own moisture.

And secondly it doesn’t add anything to your skin – whereas natural oils often do. 

Our Packaging:

Our cardboard box is printed using vegetable inks and a water based varnish so it’s easier to recycle. It's made in England, using card from sustainable forests in Sweden.

Our clear gift bags are made of PLA which comes from corn, and are 100% bio-degradable. And our tissue paper is acid free.

The lip balm pots are made from SAN plastic and are recyclable, though we think re-using them is better.

And we make up all our kits in England!